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How Can I Be A Part of the School Play?

 This year’s school play is Peter Pan. It performs March 11th at 7pm and March 12th at 2pm and 7pm at Lincoln Auditorium in Wallingford. Sign ups for the play will be in the old lunchroom and begin October 13th. Auditions begin October 19th. Rehearsals begin October 26th at 3pm. Fee to be in the play is $150. Registration forms (see attachment below), rehearsal schedule (see attachment below)and all info you need can be found on the website, in the office and I’ll put some forms at GLSA too.


How do I audition?
 If you are in 3rd-5th grade:
1.     Fill out a registration form signed by your parent giving you permission to be in the play and okaying the commitment and dates for your family to participate.
2.     5th graders have first priority to be in the play. Any 5th grader with a completed registration form can sign up to audition. Sign ups for 5th graders are at 3:00pm on Tuesday, October 13th. (Note—If you miss this date, you must wait to sign up after other grades have had their chance. Be prepared.)
3.     4th graders have next priority. Any 4th grader with a completed registration form can sign up to audition. Sign ups for 4th graders are at 3:00pm on Wednesday, October 14th. (Note—If you miss this date, you must wait to sign up after other grades have had their chance. Be prepared.)
4.     3rd graders will then have a chance to sign up if there are any spaces available. Any 3rd grader with a completed registration form can sign up to audition. Sign ups for 3rd graders are at 3:00pm on Thursday, October 15th.
 ***Please note, there are only 40 audition spaces available. Not everyone who wants to be in the play, will be able to. Please make sure you are sure about making this commitment before you take a space. I will collect a waitlist. 3rd graders who have been in the play will have priority for any of the available spots after the 4th and 5th graders have signed up.***
 When you sign up in the lunch room on your day, you will receive audition pieces to work on for Monday, October 19th.

 After you have signed up:

  •  Come on Monday, October 19th from 3-5pm (once you have auditioned, you may leave—let me know if you need to go early) to audition for what part you will be. Pick one part to perform in front of the directors and other auditioners (does not need to be memorized—but being prepared is important—we look for character and do not care if words are messed up). Everyone who signs up will get a part. Auditions are used to determine which role students will have.
  •  Be available to come in Wednesday, October 21st from 3-5pm for Call Backs. The purpose of call backs is to give the directors more information for making casting decisions, try students in different roles and see what different combinations of kids look like.
  •  ***Coming to call backs does not mean you will get a big part and not being asked to come to call backs does not mean you won’t get a big part. We work really hard to be fair and make the best decisions for the play as a whole. Disappointment can be a big part of casting. Please talk with your child about disappointment and how the important thing is not what part you have, but about being a part of the team and having fun with what you do get to do.***
  •  Parts will be posted after school on Friday, October 23rd. Scripts will be handed out at the first rehearsal on October 26th.

 If you are in K-3rd grade:

 You still have a chance to be involved in the school play. This year we have an after school drama class every Monday from 3-4pm November 2nd-March 12th. Students who are in this class will get to have a small role in the play this year and will be needed at rehearsals and performances the week of March 7th-12th. Fee for the class is $100 (scholarships available).

1.     Fill out a registration form and turn it in by Friday, October 16th. There will be priority given by grade and then after that by if you have been in the play before. We will take up to 20 students. By taking the class, you are committing to being a part of the play and all that entails.

2.     You will be notified if you do not receive a space in the class.

Stage Design for 3rd-5th grade

Want to be part of the play, but not onstage?

This class on Wednesdays 3-4pm will focus on set building, props and costumes for the play. Sign up forms are due Friday, October 16th. The cost is $75. Students with good behavior will be rewarded with the opportunity to help out backstage.

 If you are a parent:

 Whether or not your child is in the play, you are invited to help out with the show. All volunteers are welcome and needed. This is a community event and theater is fun. I started directing this program way before I had a kid in the play and this is the same case for many other parents who love theater and want to be a part of something creative.

There are many ways to support the play. Please come see it with your family and friends and spread the word to the community. Make a treat for or intermission concessions. Help us set up or clean up the theater. Do some sewing. Donate or lend a prop or costume piece for the show. Help build or paint sets or come hang and focus lights. Work backstage moving sets, putting makeup on kids, help manage kids backstage.

Everyone is welcome. Parents with kids in the play are required to help in some way big or small. At Green Lake Elementary we all work together as a team to make our school community the wonderful place it is for parents and students.

Any questions? Please contact me, Molly Goldman at molly.goldman@gmail.com.

Announcing this year's play:
Peter Pan

Dear future Drama Dragon parents,

By auditioning, here is what your child (and you) are committing to:
1. All parents need to volunteer to help in at least one way (being at rehearsals, sewing, painting, set construction, making props, buying costumes or props, organizing costumes, program, advertising, soliciting sponsors, organizing concessions, organizing cast party, stage set up, driving kids to theater, selling concessions, ushering, ticket help, makeup and hair, helping backstage, lighting, sound, xeroxing, stage cleanup, etc.). Help is mandatory when we have so many kids. I know many can help more than others, but everyone can help in some way.

2. Performers come to rehearsals when they are told to come. Rehearsals are Mondays and Wednesdays from 3-5pm. You only come to rehearsal when we are working on your part.  Performers are expected to practice at home and to work on memorizing lines right away. We move fast and do not have time to reteach dances, songs, or blocking. Practice at home with a parent and on their own is essential. If a performer misses a practice, they are responsible to find someone to teach them what they missed outside of rehearsal time.

3. Preferences are seriously considered, but not guaranteed. 3rd to 5th grade students have priority for speaking roles. To audition for a speaking role, please read/perform (does not need to be memorized) one of the speeches or scenes provided at the audition meeting. These are also posted on the website (www.greenlakedragons.org). I am looking for acting, not just word perfect reading (I would rather have the words messed up, but see some expression.) Priority for all roles go to 5th graders since this is their last year. 

4. Every year, students are disappointed. They are only so many parts and only one can have each part. Please prepare your child(ren) to be flexible, do their best, have a good attitude and be part of the team. We don't all get to be the star player or make the winning goal, but the entire team benefits from everyone's individual success and we all win. They need to be auditioning because they want to be part of a great show, not because they want to be the lead in the play. My philosophy is that we all succeed when we support each other, work hard and all do our very best. Just because they do not get the part they want, does not mean they were not good enough for the part. With so many kids wanting to participate, we can't each do everything in the show and there will be disappointment.

If you have any questions, I have not covered here, please let me know. I am still working on the details of how the rehearsals and shows will work. I am excited and working with a great team of people to generate amazing, creative ideas. If you are interested in being part of the creative team and having a larger role in the production of this show, please let me know.

Thanks again for all your support and for so many wanting to be a part of this.


Please support our Drama Dragons and come see the show!
Questions? Contact Molly Goldman
molly.goldman@gmail.com or 206-525-2975

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